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Frequently Asked Questions
About Ozone

Is Ozone Safe?

Isn't Ozone Smog?

What size ozone generator do I need?

Does ozone really work?

Can Air-Zone ozone generators be bought in stores?

Are your ozone generators ionizers also?

Is an ozone generator going to remove dust in my home?

Will ozone travel into walls and kill mold inside a wall?

Where do I place the ozone generator in the room?

Is ozone flammable?  Do I have to worry about my pilot lights?

How do I clean my ozone generator and how often?

What is your warranty and where can I get my ozone generator serviced?

How will my unit be shipped?  When will it arrive?

What is your return policy?

When I call will a real person answer the phone?

Why are your prices hundreds of dollars less than other ozone generator sellers?

How effective are ozone generators really?

Does Air-Zone rent ozone generators?

Can UV light kill mold?

What about these new forms of "A" ozone generators?

Can I order direct on line? Is it safe?


One of the most common questions we get asked is about ozone safety.
Yes, when used properly, like anything else, ozone is safe.

You may have read a report by a federal or state agency warning to be careful of the danger of too much ozone.   It is extremely important to understand what these warnings mean.

There is no reason to fear ozone. 

Yes, breathing in overly high ozone levels is not good for you. 
But low levels of ozone are all around us, and are safe to breathe.

Click Here to learn how to safely purify air with ozone.

The distinction must be made of what the application of the ozone is for.
To remove serious odors, kill bacteria, and destroy mold it is important to perform 
High Ozone Shock Treatments in UNOCCUPIED ROOMS ONLY!

One must make the distinction that a high ozone level in an UNOCCUPIED ROOM has
absolutely nothing to do with any of the warnings issued for ozone use concerning air purification. . 

When you are NOT in the room at the time,  it is completely safe to use ozone at any level, as long as you wait until the ozone reverts back to oxygen to re-enter the room, which takes only about an hour or two. 
Since ozone is made up entirely of oxygen it can only revert back to natural oxygen once the ozanation process is completed. Therefore while high levels of ozone are toxic, within a short time ozone reverts back to non-toxic oxygen.

So when you read about warnings concerning ozone understand that is only referring to overly high levels in OCCUPIED SPACES.


Our machines are designed to produce high levels of ozone when needed to perform 
High Ozone Shock Treatments  in UNOCCUPIED ROOMS. 

High ozone levels are an absolute MUST to kill bacteria, mold, and have the ability remove strong odors. 
Remember unless you can achieve toxicity, in an UNOCCUPIED ROOM, you will NEVER be able to sanitize that room of mold and bacteria.  The definition of toxicity means to kill. Without toxicity you cannot kill bacteria and mold.

Ozone can also be safely used for air purification in occupied rooms. 

It is true that you do not want an overly high ozone exposure in an occupied room.
We advise using as little ozone as possible for air purifying.

Ozone concentrations of 0.05ppm are within most recommended safe exposure levels for air purification levels.

It is important to remember that when using ozone for air purification, control over the ozone level is THE most important feature. 
We've designed our machines to have the most control over the ozone output as compared to any other ozone machine made.

The "burst timer" built right into our smaller machines is designed to limit the amount of ozone to very low levels for use as an air purification device. 

No other ozone generator on the market has this type of timer built right in!

Our smaller machines XT-120 - XT-800 can regulate the generator to only produce ozone for as little as 2 seconds out of a minute. This allows only very low levels of ozone to be present in a room.  That fact alone makes our units some of the safest on the market. 

Our smaller machines XT-120 - XT-800 have burst timers to limit the ozone production so that they can be used as low ozone level air purifiers that operate within "safe" levels. 
Yet these same machines can also perform high ozone treatments in small to medium sized rooms.

A common question is "How do I know if there is too much ozone in the air"?

Ozone is basically self limiting. When the ozone level reaches to high a level it begins to irritate sinus passages, give you a sore throat, and possibly even a headache. 

If this happens simply turn the ozone level down or off.

Many people are worried about using an ozone generator because it can produce higher than the recommended exposure levels.

Think of this analogy; 
Your car can drive at speeds of 90 miles per hour,
But you don't drive it that fast through a school zone! 

If your car could not go over a "safe" speed of 25 miles an hour, it would be considered useless because you could never drive it on the highway!

Ozone Generators that can ONLY produce "safe" ozone levels
are USELESS for removing tough odors, killing bacteria, or destroying mold, 
since they cannot perform High Ozone Shock Treatments.

If you have ANY question about ozone safety you can simply use ozone when you are not in the room, and set the timer to turn the unit off before you re-enter the room.
 You can sanitize the room before you enter it. 
That way you will have NO exposure to ozone. No other air purifier or ionizer can do that.

We guarantee the room will smell fresher and cleaner than it has ever been before. 
In other words, high powered ozone generators work so well,
You don't even have to be in the room with them running to notice their cleaning effect!

By the way, we can PROVE that ozone kills bacteria, viruses, and mold. 
Please click on our Ozone Bacterial and Mold Killing Studies page to read about how ozone kills mold, and bacteria.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the safety, and effectiveness of ozone.
We will gladly answer any of your questions.

There is no reason to fear ozone. 

To learn more about using ozone to purify air please visit our page, 
How to Purify Air with Ozone



Ozone is sometimes misunderstood.  Ozone is O3, three atoms of oxygen linked together, rather than the two atoms of oxygen, O2,  we normally breath.  True O3 Ozone is made up entirely of oxygen. Ozone is NOT smog. Ozone is a compound that naturally occurs in nature. 

Ozone is Not Smog!

While ozone is sometimes mistakenly referred to as smog, SMOG is actually a combination of hydrocarbons, among them being CO² CO, and SO².

These hydrocarbons are most commonly created by the exhaust that comes from automobiles.

Ozone pushes these hydrocarbons back to the surface of the earth in order to use it's natural purification abilities to break them apart on a molecular level.

What is commonly called "ozone" in referring to the ground level air quality are really a mixture of these various toxic hydrocarbons, NOT O3 ozone.

We know that Ozone is a colorless gas, when we look at SMOG we can see that it is certainly not colorless.

In fact without Ozone we the Earth could not clean itself of the true SMOG which is the hydrocarbons.

Ozone has the beneficial role in smog reduction which is its ability to break down and oxidize hydrocarbons and particulates in the air. 

When it is said the ozone level is high and there is more SMOG it really means that while it is higher than normal at surface levels the real danger is not the O3 ozone, it is the hydrocarbons the heavier than air ozone is trying to clean.

When excessive amounts of man-made hydrocarbons are produced, there will be higher concentrations of ozone as a natural reaction to an unnatural situation. 

While very high levels of ozone are not good to breathe, the levels we find in the outside air fall within acceptable breathing limits.

Many attack ozone because it is a threat to the many ineffective but high profit air purification products being sold today such as ionizers.

Ionizers produce high profits for the sellers, sometimes well over 1000%, but they do not produce clean environments. Ionization can't kill mold or bacteria, and it can't break apart hydrocarbons.

Some ionizers now say they have a device on them that converts SMOG into oxygen. 
They are under mistaken assumption that ozone is the SMOG.
What it REALLY does is convert natural ozone into oxygen, thereby PREVENTING the natural ozone to clean the real SMOG which are the toxic hydrocarbons.

In the future ozone will replace many ineffective forms of air purification, including ionization, once the public becomes educated to the real benefits of ozone

Read more about ozone and smog at Ed McCabe's website:


There are many variables when it comes to square footage coverage. Using an ozone generator for home air cleaning, or for shock treatments require different ozone outputs.
The severity of a contaminated area is also another factor. 

When a manufacturer list a square footage rating it is meaningless since they can assign whatever square footage rating they want to their machines! The ONLY way to compare ozone generators is by comparing the milligrams per hour ozone output. This is the only way to gauge the power of the machine.
If a manufacturer does not list the ozone output in there is NO way to compare their machines, and they are probably hiding their units low output!

How can a manufacturer give you a square footage rating 
when they don't even know what your particular contamination level is?

How is a machine rated for 3000 square feet supposed to work through the walls?
No tabletop air purifier can purify air in the entire home.
Radio waves can pass through walls,
If you want to distribute ozone through your entire home
you need an in duct ozone generator like our Air-Duct 2000.

We cannot stress this enough;
Square footage ratings by other manufacturers are meaningless!
It is the total ozone output in mg/hr that counts!

For sizing an ozone generator for particular situation please visit our page:
What Size Ozone Generator Do I Need?

For small room air cleaning we recommend 120 - 240
For air cleaning and light mold killing we recommend 400 - 800
To kill mold  and strong odors we recommend a strong machine of 2000, 4000, or 6000
For very large areas, or severe contamination's we recommend our XT-28000.
We can best advise you of your ozone needs if you call us directly at 1-800-772-5142.



Of course Ozone works! 

We sell thousands of ozone generators per year and our return rate is less than a fraction of 1%.

Homeowners and mold remediation specialists buy our machines every single day. So do crime cleanup companies, fire, flood, & smoke cleanup companies as well as auto detailers, beauty salons, and restaurants and bars for cigarette smoke removal. Ozone generators kill mold spores, eliminate smoke, and more. They really do work.

We can PROVE that ozone kills bacteria, viruses, and mold. 
Please click on our Ozone Bacterial and Mold Killing Studies page to read about how ozone kills mold, and bacteria.


No, our patented ozone generators are only sold direct by us.  We only sell direct to the customer. 
That keeps our prices down for our customers, and ensures that only the proper advice for how to work our products is given to our customers.

You might notice that many air purifiers and ozone generators are sold by multi-level marketers or through a network of multiple dealers. 

You might see other brands of machines on many different web sites.  What that should tell you is that these individual dealers, who are not directly responsible for the products they sell, are acting as "middlemen" making a profit off your hard earned money.

If you see an Air-Zone® ozone generator on another web site know that we also own those sites and that you are always dealing with us directly. 



Yes, all of our ozone generators put out negative ions, but not nearly as much as compared to a standard ionizer. Most ionizer products output more than 1,000,000 to 10,000,000 per cubic cm. 
This is way too much. Too much ionization turns your walls and furniture black with dirt and soot,  and causes breathing irritations.

According to air science, outdoor fresh air has 200 to 500 ions per cubic cm, indoor air has 100 to 200 per cubic cm, and a forest will have 1,500 to 5,000 ions per cubic cm. 
Our ozone generators  produce reasonable levels of negative ions of about 10,000 to 30,000 per cubic cm., which is more than enough to gain the positive benefits of negative ionization.

Therefore, the amount of negative ions output from our series of products is good enough for giving indoor air that fresh clean smell, but not too much as to turn your walls black.

For purifying the air and removing odors only an ozone generator can kill viruses, bacteria, and mold spores. Ionization has no effect whatsoever on these compounds.

Ionizers are toys compared to a real ozone generator. Ionization may make the air "smell" fresh but as soon as you turn the unit off the effect is over. Not so with ozone.

After careful testing we found that even extremely high amounts of negative ions were not effective in purifying the air.  An extremely high amount of ions may give a false sense of clean air, but they can become irritating very quickly.  Too much ionization can cause headaches and sore throats, as well as turning the surfaces in your home black with a dusty film that is very difficult to wash away.

More is not always better!
When it comes to ionization.

The fact is even with an overabundance of ionization there is only limited, 
temporary air cleaning being done and ZERO Air Purifying being accomplished.
Mold spores are not being destroyed. Nothing is being killed by the ions. 
Nothing is being Purified.

In other words ionizers are simply pushing around 
the floating dirt to the surfaces in your room!
Too Much Ionization Turns Walls Black!

If in fact you have severe dust problems it is much better to collect dust in a true HEPA filter rather than have an ionizer create a film of dirt on your household surfaces. We also offer a high quality line of the worlds best HEPA filters for serious dust & dander problems.

Our ozone generators  produce reasonable levels of negative ions of about 10,000 to 30,000 per cubic cm., which is more than enough to gain the positive benefits of negative ionization.
To learn more about ionization please visit our page Ozone vs. Ions.



No, Ozone is not going to remove dust. The only way to remove dust is to filter the air. This can be accomplished by the use of a true HEPA filter like the Austin Air True HEPA filters that we sell.

Ozone kills mold, bacteria, viruses, and odors, but it does not remove dust from your home.

HEPA filters collect the dust and dander rather than just pushing around the room as an ionizer does, so that it does not start become airborne again. 

The idea is to remove the dust from your home, not simply move it from here to there.
Air-Zone sells quality, hospital grade Austin Air HEPA filters that are more cost effective than store bought brands. Please CLICK HERE to view them.

These are the best HEPA filters available today!

These are the best HEPA filters available today!

Although ionizers claim to remove dust from your home the truth is they only move it around the inside of your home. 
Even those ionizers with collector plates or grids are only going to catch 5-10% of the dust that passes by them. 
The rest of the dust is going to be electronically glued to your walls floor and ceiling.  The misinformation that the dust will simply clump together and drop to the floor simply is not true. 
The dust is going to adhere to every surface in your home.

You can read more about the ineffectiveness of ionizers here: 
Ozone vs. Ions: Why Ionizers don't work and make a dust problem worse.

So to truly remove dust from your rooms please see our Austin Air True HEPA Filters which actually filter dust, pollen, animal dander, and other airborne contaminants out of the air. 
The only true way to remove dust out of the air is to filter the air.
The many air cleaners that claim to clean the air in an entire house are simply gimmick items.



No, ozone or anything else is going to travel inside the wall and kill the the mold inside of it.

If mold is living inside the walls the ONLY way to kill the mold is to take down the wall and then blast the inside of the walls with High Ozone Shock Treatments to make sure it is all dead.

Some companies are now saying that they have "specially created" ozone or that they use a form of "negative pressure" that will get the ozone inside of walls to kill the mold and bacteria inside them. 
This is simply not true.  Others say you can cut holes in the wall and "inject" ozone into the wall cavity to kill mold.

Many ozone companies have been sued by the government by making false claims such as that ozone will pass through walls.  But that is 100% FALSE, and anyone with common sense can recognize that.

Once again this is not going to work.   Let's think about this logically:
Every wall has a stud 16 inches apart that the wall board is nailed right up against.  They also have crossbeams halfway up the wall.  That means behind even a short 4 or 5 foot wall there are at least 8 separate cavities. 

So simply injecting the ozone into one cavity is only going to affect a very small cavity, not the entire opening behind a wall.   Even if "negative pressure" is used it will never be strong enough to draw the ozone through all the separate wall cavities.   It is simply not possible because the wallboard is nailed right up against the studs and there is no, or very little air leakage between them.

It does not make sense to cut 8, 12, or 20 holes in your walls to inject the ozone inside them.
Besides, the wallboard itself is most likely infected with the mold inside it's core so it is going to have to be replaced anyway.

The solution is to remove the entire wall, clean out any mold and mold infested insulation and nail up new wallboard.  Of course it is strongly recommended that ozone be used in this mold remediation process.

Some people ask us if they are going to open up the walls and rebuild anyway why bother using ozone at all?
The answer to that is very simple.  One must make 100% sure that all the mold is killed behind a wall before they ever rebuild, or they leave the very real possibility that the mold will start growing behind the walls in just a short time once again.

One of the most common stories we hear almost every day is that someone has torn down their walls, did a quick mold cleanup, and then 6 months later the mold is growing once again.

We recommend that when walls are opened up that the entire room be blasted with very high levels of ozone, many times over a period of days, to make absolutely sure all the mold has been killed.

It is still wise to blast rooms that may even have mold behind the walls because it can kill the mold that is on the surface of the walls, and in the air, and therefore make it much safer to be in that room.

Even if you can't open up the walls and repair them right away, at least blasting ozone into the room will minimize the severe health consequences that can occur from even a slight mold exposure.

Ignoring a mold problem is not going to make it going to go away, and it will only continue to get worse over time. 
All the while the mold can be negatively affecting your health in an irreversible manner
It is imperative that rooms with mold in them be blasted with High Ozone Shock Treatments as soon as possible to kill any mold that is living in them.

Ozone, or anything else is NOT going to travel inside of walls no matter what anyone else may tell you. 
It is simply not possible.  We wish that it would so that it would make the job of mold remediation mush easier, but no gas, oxygen or ozone, can pass through your walls.

Kill Mold Inside of Walls



If you are using ozone for air purification it is recommended that the ozone purifier be placed high up, on the other side of the room.  This is so the ozone machine can clean the air between you and it. 

The idea is to purify the air, not breathe the ozone directly out of the machine.  Placing the unit high in the room helps disperse the ozone throughout the room more evenly.  Ozone is naturally heavier than air so it will naturally sink towards the ground. Using a slow moving fan, like a ceiling fan, can also help to disperse the ozone in the room.

If the ozone generator is going to be used in an unoccupied room in the shock treatment mode to kill mold, bacteria, or odors the unit should be placed at least table height or higher. 
Oxygen is O2, but Ozone is O3 so it will naturally sink to the floor. You can even place the unit higher than a table if possible.
We recently read on one ozone site to place the ozone generator on the floor. Nothing could be more wrong.

Never place the ozone generator on the floor!

Ozone is heavier than air and will sink to the floor anyway, and you will get better coverage in the room if you place the unit higher in the room.  Although the ozone will travel throughout the entire room, it might be a good idea to put the ozone near the source of the mold or odor, high up of course.

You can also use a slow moving fan to help distribute the ozone throughout the room more evenly.
Try not to use a fast moving fan because that will break apart the ozone much quicker.

Never place the ozone generator on the floor. First off, the ozone is going to sink to the floor anyway, but just as importantly the ozone machine will get dirtier near the floor.


Technically ozone can be flammable if it is made from pure oxygen. But the ozone we generate from our ozone generators uses the ambient oxygen, not external oxygen tanks.  Because of that we are not adding any extra oxygen to the air, we are only changing the existing oxygen into ozone. 
Thus, our ozone generators can be safely used around pilot lights with no additional risk of explosion.



Our XT line of ozone generators require very little maintenance. 
There is very little maintenance required on our no adjustment required U.S. Patented ozone elements.

We use 24 carat gold plating on our elements internal components to help prevent corrosion. 

The use of high temperature, shatter resistant tempered glass is also incorporated in our innovative, and U.S. Patented ozone elements.

U.S. Patented Nitrogen Oxide Free Ozone Elements!
They last for years, and when they day comes that they must be replaced, they can be replaced within 10 minutes by anyone who can operate a screwdriver. 

Elements typically cost between $15 and $30 each. We sell them for cost and make no profit on them.

Our U.S. patented ozone elements are actually designed to avoid getting dirty. 
If they become dirty they can be blown out with an air stream to remove any dust. 
We also include a special tool which can push out any dirt.
Running our units on full blasts also helps to burn off any accumulated dirt.

Old fashioned "plate" type ozone generators require much more maintenance.
Old fashioned plates become dirty over time, and their ozone outputs are greatly reduced.
They then have to be removed and scrubbed clean and reassembled in perfect alignment or they will spark and short out.

Old style ozone "plates" consist of  flimsy easily corroded steel screens and delicate thin pieces of glass or mica which must ALWAYS be in perfect alignment.
If not cleaned and aligned constantly, old style ozone "plates" will produce less ozone, and possibly even spark out dangerous high voltage electricity.   Even with all that work, their life span is notoriously short, usually about a year.

A typical 10,000 plate type ozone generator has 3 parts for each "plate". That means there are 30 separate pieces that must be removed and clean and meticulously reassembled or a disaster such as transformer failure will occur.

Our U.S. Patented ozone element avoid all these problems.

Our ozone generators also incorporate pre filters on them to keep the inside of the units dust free.
Many other brands of ozone generators do not use filters of any type and they can get dirty very quickly.
The filters in our units should be changed about every 1-2 months, depending upon use, for maximum airflow through the machine. These economical filters help keep the unit clean and dust free. 

Any brand of ozone generator that does not use an intake filter,
will get full of dirt & dust, and is destined to fail!

All our ozone generators come with a one years supply of filters.
Replacement filters cost about 50 cents each. All our units feature a 3M filtrete filter which can be purchased from us at a very modest cost. 

Some ozone generators use a washable foam filter. Foam filters are not as effective as the ones we use, and let more dirt into the unit which deteriorates the life of it's ozone plates. 
We have chosen to use an inexpensive 3M replaceable filter that is of a much higher quality than simple foam filters, yet are still very economical to replace.

If washable foam filters worked better than the filters we use, we would use them. 

The typical cost for replacing XT-800 filters are only $6.00 per year.

We are so committed to providing cheap replacement parts for our units we sell our ozone elements and pre filters for very low cost and make almost no profit on them at all.

Air-Zone ozone generators are made to be the most economical ozone generators to maintain.



Most our units are warranted for 5 years.
Please read the full details here;
Five Year Warranty

Take a look at what EcoQuest / Alpine / Living Air (all the same company)
now say about their warranty
You actually have to check with them to see if the serial number on your
product is VALID to obtain warranty service!!!
How are you going to find this out until AFTER you receive the product?

CAUTION - Warranty on EcoQuest products - Please Read


Your unit will be shipped the next business day.
We ship by insured  FEDEX GROUND
Your ozone generator will arrive within 1-6 complete business days.
If needed we can ship to you overnight by FEDEX EXPRESS for additional fees.


We offer a liberal return policy so that you may have a fair chance to try out our products.
Many other brands of air purifiers, and ozone generators are not returnable when used.

Residential customers may return any of our machines within 30 days of receipt of the unit. 
Commercial customers may return our products within 15 days of receipt of the unit.

All returns must be called in before shipment back to us.

Please click here for more details on our return policy.


Nothing is more annoying than calling a company, and having to press a series of buttons to hear a pre-recorded message.

At Air-Zone our trained ozone technicians are available to answer your phone calls Monday through Saturday.

We do have multiple phone lines but sometimes our call volume is so heavy you will get our voice mail. Simply leave your name and number and we will call you back as soon as possible.

We never give out our customers phone numbers or email addresses.

ALL our messages and e-mail will be returned in a timely manner.

Please be aware that if you call on a cell phone sometimes your message "breaks up" and we may have not gotten your number.
This happens more times than you can imagine.
It is a good idea to leave your number twice in the same message to make sure we got it.

Sometimes customers even give us a wrong number, or forget their number.

If you don't here from us within a day please call us back.

We will never deliberately not call you back.

We are here for you, our valued customer, and we will give you 100% satisfaction in every aspect of our business.
We will NEVER reveal your phone number, email, or personal information to anyone, ever.


Many ozone generator companies have a pyramid system of selling their products. 
Multilevel marketers pass the product down to other distributors and each one gets a piece of your money. We sell directly for the best prices in the business.

We don't make a $600 profit on an $800 unit as many other companies do. 
In short we offer a better, more reliable product, for half the price.

Some sellers are simply dealers for other companies. 
There is no reason to pay a middle man when you can buy direct from Air-Zone!

Don't get ripped off and overpay for a mediocre product when you can buy the best for less!


If there is a fire or a flood a restoration team will bring an ozone generator. It will eliminate the odors in rooms, furniture, clothing and more. Only the strongest method of disinfect ion can do this and ozone is the choice of professionals. 

When a smoky nightclub needs to help clean the air ozone generators are used.
When mold must be killed, ozone generators do the job.

For professional or home use, ozone is the most effective disaffection method available.
The use of High Ozone Shock Treatments in unoccupied areas are extremely effective in removing strong odors.

 If it can be cleaned, ozone will clean it. We rarely receive a returned unit from someone who says it doesn't work. When used properly ozone can attack any odor problem.

Professionals & homeowners alike love our ozone generators. Call us with your ozone needs. We will advise you as to what your particular situation demands.

We can offer PROOF that ozone kills bacteria, viruses, and mold on our web page.
Ozone Bacterial and Mold Killing Studies


Air-Zone no longer rents ozone generators.  We have found out renting an ozone generator is not a good idea for the customer.  Many people tend to think a one time high ozone treatment will kill all the mold, and that the mold or odor problem will be completely solved.

If a basement has a mold problem ozone can be used to kill the mold and it's odor.  But a one time use is not going to solve a mold problem.  It is very tough to kill 100% of the mold in a room. 

While ozone can kill a great percentage of the mold, a slight bit will most likely still remain. 
Even after an ozone shock treatment some mold spores can live.  Soon the mold spores can begin to reproduce and multiply and the ozone treatment will need to be repeated.

When this happens you'll need to rent an ozone generator all over again. This can get expensive. 

Many odors sometimes come back, and high ozone shock treatments must be repeated.
Owning your own ozone generator is the way to insure when a mold or odor problem comes back you can quickly solve it before it spreads to other parts of your home.

Please Click here to see more reasons why renting an ozone generator is not always the best idea.

What If The Problem Comes Back?Low Powered Ozone Generator Rentals. Consider The CostMoney Back Guarantee?  Mica Plate Ozone Generators, Why Do Companies Rent Ozone Generators?


This is a quote from General Electric concerning their germicidal UV lamps:
"No. Once mold has already formed, ultraviolet energy will not eliminate it."


Some manufacturers are using a name that starts with an "A" to claim they have new form of ozone.
There are no "new" forms of ozone. Ozone is ozone. 

Some "A" machines claim to make higher forms of ozone such as O3, O4, O5, O6, O7, O8, O9, O10, O11, O12 etc.  This is nothing new at all.

The truth is that ALL corona discharge ozone generators, including ours, make higher forms of ozone including O3, O4, O5, O6, O7, O8, O9, O10, O11, O12 etc. 

In fact a corona discharge ozone generator cannot be made to produce just O3, and not the "higher forms" of oxygen such as O3, O4, O5, O6, O7, O8, O9, O10, O11, O12 etc. 

It is a naturally occurring scientific phenomena

But these higher forms of ozone only last for a very short time, seconds or less, as these unstable bonds quickly break apart very quickly due to the natural laws of physics. 

These higher the form of "A" ozone, linked oxygen, or activated oxygen or whatever some one calls it, the shorter in time it will last.  O12, for example, lasts for just milliseconds

Therefore, in our opinion, mentioning these higher forms of ozone formation is basically meaningless. 
Our corona discharge ozone generators make them, and all other brands do also, it's common knowledge in the ozone industry. 

Some of these "A" machines that are now claming phenomenal ozone outputs.
But they are achieving these high "ozone" outputs in a VERY deceptive way.

The industry standard practice is to ONLY count the molecular weight of the O3 Ozone.
NOT the other higher forms of oxygen which ALL corona discharge ozone generators produce.

That is why no reputable company bothers to count them as a TRUE ozone output.
The TRUE Ozone outputs of these types of machines are less than 1/6 of the claimed output
if even that much.

ACTUAL O3 Ozone Outputs

Claimed Output
Ozone Output
O3, O4, O5, O6, O7. . .
2590 mg/hr
 432 mg/hr!
Air-Zone True O3
Ozone Generator
2000 mg/hr
 2000 mg/hr
 O3, O4, O5, O6, O7. . Generator
 4180 mg/hr
 697 mg/hr
 Air-Zone True O3
Ozone Generator
 4000 mg/hr
 4000 mg/hr
O3, O4, O5, O6, O7. . .
9288 mg/hr
1548 mg/hr
Air-Zone True O3
Ozone Generator
6000 mg/hr
6000 mg/hr

Certain laws of physics just can't be broken. Don't be fooled by gimmick machines.

They may even have a specific "A" name for this "ozone". 
How come that self claimed trademarked name they use cannot be found in a U.S trademark search?



Air-Zone  features One Page Express Secure Online Ordering

Isn't it annoying to have to go through 5 web pages just trying to place your online order?

Air-Zone has only one secure order form for you to fill out. Fill out the simple Secure One Page Express  form, and submit your credit card payment with one click. You will immediately be E-mailed payment confirmation of your order. Your order will ship out within 24 business hours.
Many times items ship out the same day. Please call us for multiple item orders.

Air-Zone accepts orders through the worlds leading merchant service
Authorize.Net. uses the latest in 128 bit encryption secure server technology for fast and completely safe online credit card ordering. They handle millions of dollars per year for us, and we have never had even one incident of customer credit card fraud. No one but Authorize.Net will ever see your credit card number. We don't even see it!

Air-Zone buyers can verify that fact we are secure because when a customer clicks on the buy buttons on our order page they are immediately transferred to the secure gateway web site.

Notice the little "lock" in the lower corner of your browser after you arrive at the page. That means your purchase is secured.  100% Online Security with!

Notice that you (or hackers) can't get to that URL directly, it can only be accessed through one of our encrypted buy buttons.

Your credit card information is then sent along with a 128 digit encryption code that is totally random every time. That means even if a hacker got in the system, and they can't, they would never be able to figure out the credit card number because of that random 128 bit alphanumeric code.

Be sure to ONLY order from a company that uses a DIRECT connection to's secure web site like we do. That's your assurance that a company is real, and that your money is protected. 
Some sellers even forward your credit card information to foreign countries!!!

It's YOUR money, be aware of where it's being sent.

All purchases placed through Air-Zone made with Visa, Master Card, or American Express are covered by the 100% Fraud Protection guarantee each of those companies offer since we are a verified merchant.
Air-Zone is a member of The Better Business Bureau, and proudly displays their BBB Online reliability program seal. Click on the seal to learn more about what this means.

Air-Zone is a member of The Better Business Bureau, and proudly displays their BBB Online reliability program seal.  The BBB seal means we meet their selling standards.

Click on the seal to learn more about what this means.

BBBOnLine Reliability Seal
Air-Zone is also a member of SquareTrade which means we have a superior track selling record, and that our business identity is verified.

Click on the seal to learn more about what this means.

Building Trust in Transactions (tm)

Rest assured when you buy from Air-Zone that your order is handled professionally, and that the customer is always protected from the fraud of false air purifier merchants, scam artists, hackers, bulk emailers, and telemarketers.

Our privacy policy is to NEVER reveal your phone number, email, or personal information to anyone else, ever!

Click Here for Instant, No Hassle, 100% Secure, Authorize.Net Online Ordering!

BBBOnLine Reliability Seal
Member of
Better Business Bureau
100% Fraud Protection with Visa, Master Card, and American Express!
Visa - MasterCard - Amex
Certified Merchant
100% Fraud Protection with Visa, Master Card, and American Express!
American Express
100% Fraud Protection
100% Online Security with!
100% Secure
Online Ordering
Building Trust in Transactions (tm)

If you feel more comfortable calling in your order, please call us at:


Some air purifier sellers now falsely claim to use services
like to fool buyers.
Yet some of these sellers can't even accept credit cards DIRECTLY online!
That is a sure sign that company does NOT have a valid merchant bank account!
Be wary of companies that ONLY take phone or PayPal type orders.
What they do is use another company to accept the credit card for them.
That is not safe for the consumer.
ANY respectable business with have their OWN merchant account,
and have the ability to accept credit cards DIRECTLY.

It is unfortunate to report that there are now a heavily advertised ozone generator resellers who are scamming the public.
Make sure the company you buy from has at least the capability to accept credit cards directly online. That fact will tell you if a company is REAL or not.

Be sure to ONLY order from a company that uses a DIRECT connection to's secure web site like we do. That's your assurance that a company is real, and that your money is protected. 

It's YOUR money, be aware of where it's being sent.

We carry a full line of OZONE GENERATORS
Click Here to see our entire line
Perfect for a bedroom or officeProfessional Grade - Extremely High Ozone Output!Highest Possible Ozone Output!  Perfect For Professional Applications!
 Please call us at 757-465-1121 so we can best advise you 
which is the right model for your situation. 

Air-Zone Ozone Generators is proudly located in the U.S.A.!!!
Air-Zone Inc.
1980 Northgate Commerce Parkway, Suite 6C
Suffolk, VA  23435

Call our 1-800 TOLL FREE number

Outside the 48 Continental US States please call
Open Evenings & Saturdays!

Call to reach our staff of qualified ozone technicians.
If all of our phone lines are busy please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Main Email Contact:

Thinking of buying a different brand of air purifier / ozone generator?
CLICK HERE to see our ozone generator brand comparison page.

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We ship by FAST FedEx Delivery!
We ship by FAST FedEx Delivery!
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100% Fraud Protection with Visa, Master Card, and American Express!
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