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What is Smog? 
Ozone is Not Smog!
Ozone is NOT smog.  Ozone is not pollution.

It's not ozone coming out of those smokestacks and from the exhaust of millions of cars. 
Smog is a combination of hydrocarbons and VOC's known as volatile organic compounds.

Ozone is simply O3, three atoms of oxygen linked together, rather than the two atoms of oxygen, O2, we normally breath. 

True O3 Ozone is a natural colorless gas made up entirely of Oxygen.
Ozone is NOT smog. Ozone is a compound that naturally occurs in nature. 

While ozone is sometimes mistakenly referred to as smog, SMOG is actually a combination of hydrocarbons, among them being CO², CO, and SO².

Ozone is present in smog, partly because the processes that create pollution also creates ozone. 

When sunlight strikes industrial or automotive pollution, oxygen atoms are stripped from the pollutant molecules and form peroxy radicals like nitrous oxide, nitric acid, sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide. 

At the same time the freed oxygen atoms bond with the free oxygen in the air and form ozone. The more pollution, the more ozone.

While ozone may be present in smog it is there to help clean the pollution.
Demonizing ozone is like blaming the fireman for the fire. 
Without ozone, pollution would render our cities uninhabitable.

It is unfortunate that smog and ozone have been interchanged in the discussion of air pollution because it has masked the positive characteristics of ozone as the natural way of dealing with air quality problems. 

One of the reasons that Ozone has commonly been used as a yardstick for the severity or presence of smog and pollution is because it is easy to measure. 

Conveniently, placing the emphasis on ozone takes some of the pressure off of true polluters, who are releasing millions of pounds of toxins into the air every year.
Government agencies also allow this to happen because it is much easier to identify ozone rather than the VOC's, the TRUE smog.

They use the argument that too much ozone is bad for you and can cause respiratory distress.
Too much of anything, including water is bad for you.
For unoccupied room high ozone shock treatments to kill mold this point is meaningless because no one is in the room.

For air purification we recommend to only use very low levels of ozone, which has even be declared safe by many sources, and we build in special times into our units to specifically limit their ozone outputs.

Think about it, isn't it better to kill the mold, bacteria, viruses, and the pollutants of cigarette smoke with ozone than to let them remain in your home?

Ozone destroys the pollutants of SMOG!

Air-ZoneŽ Ozone Generator

What is commonly called "ozone" in referring to the ground level air quality are really a mixture of these various toxic hydrocarbons, NOT O3 ozone. O3 Ozone is made up entirely, and nothing more than pure Oxygen.

We know that Ozone is a colorless gas but when we look at SMOG we can see that it is certainly not colorless.

In fact without Ozone we the Earth could not clean itself of the true SMOG which is the hydrocarbons.

Ozone has the beneficial role in smog reduction which is its ability to break down and oxidize hydrocarbons and particulates in the air. 

When it is said that the ozone level is high and that there is more SMOG it really means that while the ozone level it is higher than normal at surface levels the real danger is not the O3 ozone, it is the hydrocarbons the heavier than air ozone is trying to clean.

Without natural O3 Ozone our planets air would be a polluted mess that could never be cleaned.

When excessive amounts of man-made hydrocarbons are produced, there will be higher concentrations of ozone as a natural reaction to an unnatural situation. 

While very high levels of ozone are not good to breathe, the levels we find in the outside air fall within acceptable breathing limits.  We never recommend breathing in very high levels of ozone.  That's why we build in special ozone burst timers into our air purification ozone generators.

Our ozone generators can be operated at low levels for safe air purification, and high levels for killing mold and bacteria.

How to Purify Air with Ozone

High Ozone Shock Treatments

Ozone is a natural purifier, in fact ozone is used to purify the city of Los Angeles water supply.
If ozone was a pollutant would they pump it into the water supply?

 Ozone is used in many municipal water supplies

Ozone Purifies Los Angeles Water Supply

Why is Ozone Called Smog?

Why is ozone called smog? Bad science. When there are more hydrocarbons in the air the ozone level NATURALLY increases to help break apart the real pollution which are the hydrocarbons.

It is said by certain sources that "Smog is formed when volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) emitted from a variety of sources combine to form ozone."

How can that POSSIBLY be if ozone, which by definition is O3, and is ONLY made up of Oxygen?
But this misrepresentation of ozone is repeated over and over again in the media until it is finally accepted as the truth.

The dictionary defines ozone as: "Ozone (O3) is an allotrope of oxygen, the molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms instead of the more stable diatomic O2. Ozone is a colorless gas at standard temperature and pressure."

One reason that ozone gets labeled as smog is that while man-made hydrocarbons are very complex and quite difficult to measure, ozone is very easy to measure. Consequently, ozone has long been used as an indicator for the severity or presence of smog because as the levels of the true components of smog rise, the hydrocarbons, so does the level of ozone which actually eliminate the pollutants.

Without ozone the hydrocarbons could not be broken back down to their basic elements. 
In other words without ozone there would be so much pollution in the air, we might suffocate from the lack of oxygen.

Ozone is not a pollutant, it is a naturally occurring compound in nature.  Pollutants cannot destroy ozone but ozone can destroy the pollutants. 

Scientists are now discovering that the claimed danger of ozone may have been overblown.
One government agency cannot come to a conclusion as to what a proper ozone exposure standard should be.

New Study Finds No Ozone-Asthma Link

According to the study: "Activists, journalists should "check the facts" on air quality.
There is no foundation for a widely suggested link between ground level ozone, or "smog," and asthma among children".

The well respected Heartland Institute has an interesting take on clean air: 

"Dirty Little Secrets" on Clean Air Revealed

Why use Activated Oxygen otherwise known as Ozone?

Imitating the way nature cleans the air is the right way, and it works. Ozone is an incredible tool for manufacturing more healthy indoor air because it will have less pathogens in it.  But because of its strong oxidizing action, Ozone only needs to be used in slightly elevated concentrations for air purification.
Just like any strong cleaner you must always follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. 
We NEVER recommend overusing ozone for air purification.  There is no need to do so.

Notice that those who choose to attack the use of ozone say that air purification levels of ozone are not effective in killing substantial amounts of mold. They then conclude that ozone is either useless or dangerous.  That's ridiculous. That's like saying since we add low levels of chlorine to our drinking water to make it free from bacteria that full strength chlorine is safe to drink.

Then they confuse the difference between air purification levels of ozone and UNOCCUPIED ROOM High Ozone Shock Treatments which will indeed kill mold and bacteria.

It has been proven that very high levels of ozone can kill mold.

We never confuse this issue and are very clear about the facts concerning the use of ozone.

If there is a serious infection of mold or bacteria that's when high levels of ozone are to be used in the form of High Ozone Shock Treatments which are ONLY performed in UNOCCUPIED rooms.

We are intelligent human beings and we can choose the proper amount of ozone for the given situation.

Some state that breathing in ANY amount of ozone is harmful. This again, is ridiculous.
As soon as you step outside you are breathing in the fresh clean air that is full of ozone.
The ozone is exactly why the air is fresh and clean and smells so good.

Go stand next to a waterfall, or into a forest. These areas are FULL of ozone.

If the air does not smell good when you go outside it is the pollutants, the hydrocarbons that are fouling it, and it is the ozone that is cleaning it.

If the air does not smell good when you go outside it is the pollutants, the hydrocarbons that are fouling it, and it is the ozone that is cleaning it.

It is important to understand that even when outside levels of ozone are high the levels inside are very low. That's because ozone breaks down very quickly back down into oxygen. In a closed environment there is not going to be a substantial amount of ozone unless it is being generated.

Many attack ozone because it is a threat to the many ineffective, but high profit air purification products being sold today such as ionizers.

Ionizers produce high profits for the sellers, sometimes well over 1000%, but they do not produce clean environments. Ionization can't kill mold or bacteria, and it can't break apart hydrocarbons.

Some ionizers now say they have a device on them that converts SMOG into oxygen. 
They are under mistaken assumption that ozone is the SMOG.
What it REALLY does is convert natural ozone into oxygen, thereby PREVENTING the natural ozone to clean the real SMOG which are the toxic hydrocarbons.

Tower Ionizer

One consumer magazine states that:
"Ionics do little to clean the air.
They do a poor job of removing smoke, dust,
and pollen particles from the air 
If you own one, try returning it for a refund!"

They go on to say that the new "Ozone Free Ionizer"
is as ineffective as earlier versions.

Some Ionizers claim they are "Ozone Free" and are "safer" than ozone generators.
What that really means is that they can't kill any mold or bacteria.

Some ionizers claim to turn pollution into oxygen.  REAL pollution such as hydrocarbons can't be turned into oxygen. Dust or pollen can't be turned into oxygen. Ozone can be turned into oxygen, but ozone is NOT pollution.

Some ionizers have special collection plates that supposedly captures all the dust. 
The TRUTH is that the collection plates only capture about 10% of the dust and the other 90% gets electronically glued to your walls floor and ceiling.

Ionizers actually SPREAD dust, mold, and bacteria all over your home.

In the future ozone will replace many ineffective forms of air purification, including ionization, once the public becomes educated to the real benefits of ozone

Read more about ozone and smog at Ed McCabe's web site:
Mr. Oxygen


One of the most common questions we get asked is about ozone safety.
Yes, when used properly, like anything else, ozone is safe.

You may have read a report by a federal or state agency warning to be careful of the danger of too much ozone.   It is extremely important to understand what these warnings mean.

There is no reason to fear ozone. 

Yes, breathing in overly high ozone levels is not good for you. 
But low levels of ozone are all around us, and are safe to breathe.

Click Here to learn how to safely purify air with ozone.

The distinction must be made of what the application of the ozone is for.
To remove serious odors, kill bacteria, and destroy mold it is important to perform 
High Ozone Shock Treatments in UNOCCUPIED ROOMS ONLY!

One must make the distinction that a high ozone level in an UNOCCUPIED ROOM has
absolutely nothing to do with any of the warnings issued for ozone use concerning air purification. . 

When you are NOT in the room at the time,  it is completely safe to use ozone at any level, as long as you wait until the ozone reverts back to oxygen to re-enter the room, which takes only about an hour or two. 
Since ozone is made up entirely of oxygen it can only revert back to natural oxygen once the ozanation process is completed. Therefore while high levels of ozone are toxic, within a short time ozone reverts back to non-toxic oxygen.

So when you read about warnings concerning ozone understand that is only referring to overly high levels in OCCUPIED SPACES.


Our machines are designed to produce high levels of ozone when needed to perform 
High Ozone Shock Treatments  in UNOCCUPIED ROOMS. 

High ozone levels are an absolute MUST to kill bacteria, mold, and have the ability remove strong odors. 
Remember unless you can achieve toxicity, in an UNOCCUPIED ROOM, you will NEVER be able to sanitize that room of mold and bacteria.  The definition of toxicity means to kill. Without toxicity you cannot kill bacteria and mold.

Ozone can also be safely used for air purification in occupied rooms. 

It is true that you do not want an overly high ozone exposure in an occupied room.
We advise using as little ozone as possible for air purifying.

Ozone concentrations of 0.05ppm are within most recommended safe exposure levels for air purification levels.

It is important to remember that when using ozone for air purification, control over the ozone level is THE most important feature. 
We've designed our machines to have the most control over the ozone output as compared to any other ozone machine made.

The "burst timer" built right into our smaller machines is designed to limit the amount of ozone to very low levels for use as an air purification device. 

No other ozone generator on the market has this type of timer built right in!

Our smaller machines XT-120 - XT-800 can regulate the generator to only produce ozone for as little as 2 seconds out of a minute. This allows only very low levels of ozone to be present in a room.  That fact alone makes our units some of the safest on the market. 

Our smaller machines XT-120 - XT-800 have burst timers to limit the ozone production so that they can be used as low ozone level air purifiers that operate within "safe" levels. 
Yet these same machines can also perform high ozone treatments in small to medium sized rooms.

A common question is "How do I know if there is too much ozone in the air"?

Ozone is basically self limiting. When the ozone level reaches to high a level it begins to irritate sinus passages, give you a sore throat, and possibly even a headache. 

If this happens simply turn the ozone level down or off.

Many people are worried about using an ozone generator because it can produce higher than the recommended exposure levels.

Think of this analogy; 
Your car can drive at speeds of 90 miles per hour,
But you don't drive it that fast through a school zone! 

If your car could not go over a "safe" speed of 25 miles an hour, it would be considered useless because you could never drive it on the highway!

Ozone Generators that can ONLY produce "safe" ozone levels
are USELESS for removing tough odors, killing bacteria, or destroying mold, 
since they cannot perform High Ozone Shock Treatments.

If you have ANY question about ozone safety you can simply use ozone when you are not in the room, and set the timer to turn the unit off before you re-enter the room.
You can sanitize the room before you enter it. 

That way you will have NO exposure to ozone. No other air purifier or ionizer can do that.

We guarantee the room will smell fresher and cleaner than it has ever been before. 
In other words, high powered ozone generators work so well,
You don't even have to be in the room with them running to notice their cleaning effect!

By the way, we can PROVE that ozone kills bacteria, viruses, and mold. 
Please click on our Ozone Bacterial and Mold Killing Studies page to read about how ozone kills mold, and bacteria.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the safety, and effectiveness of ozone.
We will gladly answer any of your questions.

There is no reason to fear ozone. 

To learn more about using ozone to purify air please visit our page, 
How to Purify Air with Ozone

We carry a full line of
Ozone Air Purifiers and Mold Killing Ozone Generators
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actual ozone 
outputs are higher
Unit Descriptions
Perfect for a bedroom or office
120 mg/hr.
240 mg/hr.
pure ozone
Ozone Air Purifier / Ozone Generator
Cleans the air in bedrooms, living rooms and small offices. 
Destroys cigarette smoke, airborne bacteria, and mold spores.
Fully variable ozone.  Built in air purification timer.
U.S. Patented Ozone Elements with Zero Nitrogen Oxides.
Maximum ozone outputs of 140 mg/hr. and 280 mg/hr.
With Remote Control
High Power - Multi Use - Remote Control convenience !
400 mg/hr.
800 mg/hr.
pure ozone
Ozone Air Purifier / Ozone Generator
Cleans the air in bedrooms, living rooms and offices. 
Destroys cigarette smoke, airborne bacteria, and mold spores.
U.S. Patented Ozone Elements with Zero Nitrogen Oxides.
Remote Control for ozone output, timers, and fan speed.
Two built in Timers for Air Purification and Shock Treatments.
Fully variable ozone.  Built in air purification timer.
Capable of high ozone shock treatments in most rooms.
Maximum ozone outputs of 445 and 890 mg/hr.
KILL MOLD with our High Powered Ozone Machines!
pure ozone
Professional Grade Ozone Generator
Removes serious odors with tremendous ozone power.
Kill surface and airborne mold and bacteria
 with high ozone shock treatments.
Shock treat basements, household rooms, hotel rooms, 
and vehicles infected with mold and odors.
Built in Countdown Timer for High Ozone Shock Treatments.
U.S. Patented Ozone Elements with Zero Nitrogen Oxides.
Completely sterilize rooms of mold, bacteria , and odors.
Maximum ozone outputs of 2100 mg/hr., 4325, and 6500 mg/hr.


Professional Grade - Extremely High Ozone Output!
Highest Possible Ozone Output!  Perfect For Professional Applications!
14000 mg/hr.
pure ozone

28000 mg/hr.
pure ozone

Professional Grade Ozone Generator
U.S. Patented Ozone Elements with Zero Nitrogen Oxides.
Removes serious odors with unbelievable ozone power.
Kill surface and airborne mold and bacteria
 with high ozone shock treatments.
Built in 24 hour countdown timer for High Ozone Shock Treatments.
Shock treat basements, hotel rooms, rooms with smoke or water damage,
and air handling systems.
Completely sterilizes entire homes of mold and bacteria.
Professionally removes odors in very large areas.
High Grade Stainless Steel Cases
Maximum ozone outputs of 14,000 and 28,000 mg/hr.
 These are the finest ozone generators ever made!
Purify Air in an ENTIRE home or business!
2000 mg/hr.
pure ozone
Whole House In Duct  Air Purifier / Ozone Generator
Cleans the air in an entire home or business.
Distributes ozone directly through the air handling system.
Destroys cigarette smoke, airborne bacteria, and mold spores.
U.S. Patented Ozone Element with Zero Nitrogen Oxides.
Fully Automatic Operation.
Built in Burst Timer for air purification in any sized home.
Variable ozone control.  Built in air purification timer.
Capable of mild high ozone shock treatments in entire homes.
Ozone outputs from 80 mg/hr. to 2150
Ozone is the worlds best water purifier!
300 mg/hr.
pure ozone
Counter Top Water Ozone Generator.
U.S. Patented Ozone Elements with Zero Nitrogen Oxides.
U.S. Patented Water Pumps that wont degrade in ozone.
Rapidly purifies water in glasses, bottles, and tanks up to 5 gallons.
Destroys E coli and Salmonella bacteria as well as many other
types of germs in drinking water. Easy to use patented design.


Ozone is the worlds best water purifier!
1800 mg/hr.
5600 mg/hr.
pure ozone
In Line Water Ozone Generators.
U.S. Patented Ozone Elements with Zero Nitrogen Oxides.
U.S. Patented Water Pumps that won't degrade in ozone.
 Purifies water continuously in 1/2 or 3/4 water lines.
Whole house / business continuous ozonated water supply.
Destroys E coli and Salmonella bacteria as well as many other
types of germs in drinking water. 
These are the finest water ozone generators ever made!

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Air-Zone® Ozone Generators

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