Isn’t ozone smog?

smog3Ozone is not smog.

While ozone is sometimes mistakenly referred to as smog, SMOG is actually a combination of hydrocarbons, among them being CO², CO, and SO². These hydrocarbons are most commonly created by the exhaust that comes from automobiles. Ozone pushes these hydrocarbons back to the surface of the earth in order to use it’s natural purification abilities to break them apart on a molecular level.

What is commonly called “ozone” in referring to the ground level air quality is really a mixture of these various toxic hydrocarbons, NOT O3 ozone. We know that Ozone is a colorless gas, when we look at SMOG we can see that it is certainly not colorless.

In fact, without ozone the Earth could not clean itself of the true SMOG, which is the hydrocarbons.

Ozone has a beneficial role in smog reduction because of its ability to break down and oxidize hydrocarbons and particulates in the air.  When it is said that the ozone level is high and there is more SMOG, it really means that while it is higher than normal at surface levels the real danger is not the O3 ozone, it is the hydrocarbons, the heavier-than-air ozone is trying to clean.

When excessive amounts of man-made hydrocarbons are produced, there will be higher concentrations of ozone as a natural reaction to an unnatural situation.

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