Do I Need HEPA Filtration?

Clean AirIf you have:     

  • air quality concerns
  • allergies to mold & mildew
  • asthma
  • chemical sensitivities
  • hay fever
  • pets

 . . . then a HEPA Air Filter is right for you!


The HEPA Filters sold by Air-Zone, Inc. remove 99.97% of these harmful particles and feature double filtration power for full air quality protection.

Indoor air quality is a major concern.  There are many particles floating in the air that the human eye can’t see; but, they have a negative affect on our health and well-being.  The best way to improve the air quality in our homes and other living spaces is to use a true HEPA filter.

Using a HEPA filter in combination with an ozone generator will give you the highest possible level of air cleaning.