Air-Zone XT-1800W Inline Water Ozone Generator


The Air-Zone XT-1800W is an extra Heavy Duty, Continuous Flow, In Line Water Ozone Purifier.  This unit is mounted under a household or commercial sink by attaching it to an incoming ½ inch water pipe.  It turns itself on and off automatically when the water flow is turned on and off.

The Air-Zone XT-1800W is designed for purifying water, foods and surfaces.  When fruits, vegetables, seafood, and meat are placed in ozonated water, surface bacteria are killed. Harmful pesticides and herbicides are rendered inert making foods safer to consume and foods last longer once they have been ozonated.   Use freshly ozonated water in a spray bottle to disinfect surfaces of bacteria.  

It provides a continuous ozone concentration of 0.56 mg/L at a flow rate of 3.5 gallons per minute, 210 gallons per hour.
It features a ½ inch under the sink screw fitting for standard waterline hookup.

The unit is made of high grade stainless steel designed to last for years.

The inline water ozone generators use a Mazzei injector

The Mazzei injector valve has patented mixing vanes to efficiently mix the air with the water allowing for the creation of the ozonated water.  As water enters the injector a high velocity jet stream is created, insuring a uniform constant distribution of ozone into the water stream.

Each unit comes with a 5-year warranty.  This is a SPECIAL ORDER product. Expect a 2-3 week processing time.

Technical Specifications XT-1800W:

Rated Concentration of Ozonated Water: 0.56 mg/L
Water Flow Rate: 210 gallons/hour, 3.5 gallons/minute
Minimum Water Flow Rate to Inject Ozone:  0.85 Gallons/minute
Generation Method: Corona Discharge, US Patented Xetin ozone
Elements:  Two US Patented Water Ozone Elements
Uses Replaceable Bulk Silica Dessicant Gel 1.66 lb.
Connection:  ½ inch union screw type, on 1 incoming water line
Electrical Source: AC 115V, 60 Hz
Electrical Consumption: 0.26 Amp, 32 Watts
Dimensions: 15.8″ X 4.8″ X 15”
Weight: 20 lb.

Price: $1,599.99