Small Element – Pack of 3

Small Element

Small Element: Used in XT-120/240, and XT-400/800

Air-Zone’s US patented ozone elements are in a permanently molded housing, and require NO adjustment whatsoever.
They also don’t produce dangerous Nitrogen Oxides.

They can be replaced in minutes with a simple flathead screwdriver.

The elements have a 24 carat gold plating to help prevent corrosion and are built using a high temperature, shatter resistant, tempered glass.

Air-Zone’s low cost, patented ozone elements can be quickly cleaned with the special element cleaning tool we include with every ozone generator.  Those tools are also available for purchase on this website.

The XT-120 has 1 element.

The XT-240 has 2 elements.

The XT-400 has 3 elements.

The XT-800 has 6 elements.

Price: $60.00
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