Air Purification

Air Ozone Generators can be used in two different ways.
They can:

Purify the Air in occupied spaces
Perform High Ozone Shock Treatments  in unoccupied spaces.

Purify the Air

1Air purification includes odor removal and bacterial sterilization. The air is naturally fresher because the source of the odor has been destroyed.When using an ozone generator for air purification, we recommend you use as little as ozone as possible. If you have serious odors or mold spores present, we recommend that you pre-treat areas with High Ozone Shock Treatments while they are unoccupied, to first remove the source of the odor before attempting ozone air purification. For air purification the unit should be placed on the opposite side of the room, awa2from the occupants. This purifies the air between you and the machine. Ozone is heavier than air so mounting the unit up high is wise. Using a fan to distribute the ozone throughout the room is also helpful.  Start with the ozone level on the lowest setting, and work the ozone level up slowly as needed. Adjust the ozone level until you notice that the air smells fresher and the problem odor can no longer be detected. The ozone level will depend entirely on the size of the area, the severity of the odor problem, or number of smokers in the room if using it for a smoke application. For example, if there are 10 smokers in the room, and 9 leave, the ozone level should be turned down accordingly.

All our units are very strong.

The recommended levels of ozone for air purification are between 0.01 ppm (parts per million) & 0.05 ppm. The nose begins to detect the “sweet smell” of ozone around 0.01 ppm. So as long as you do not let the “fresh smell” turn into a “bleachy smell” it is generally accepted that the ozone level is within recommended safe levels.

High Ozone Shock Treatments

           Professional High Powered Ozone Generators can provide a high concentration of ozone which is a MUST to 3kill bacteria and mold spores! An ozone generator designed to kill bacteria, germs or mold spores and remove serious odors must reach the shock treatment level of ozone production. This type of application is best performed in a space with no people, pets or plants present.

Ozone levels below 0.01 ppm cannot kill bacteria efficiently. With a true high powered ozone generator you can SHOCK TREAT unoccupied rooms to kill bacteria and mold.  Ozone is the strongest available sterilizer known to man, yet it is safe because it is made up of simple Oxygen, and completely reverts back to Oxygen in a relatively short time.

High Ozone Shock Treatments are done with the unit run at full power for a measured period of time in an unoccupied room. The more ozone you blast into an unoccupied room the more mold or bacteria you are likely to kill.


You simply turn the unit up to its maximum capacity of ozone output, set the countdown timer, and leave the room. You can then return to the area an hour or more after the unit’s timer has shut the machine down. All the ozone will have reverted back to simple oxygen.

High ozone treatments should be performed room by room to get the ozone concentration as high as possible. Running a smaller machine for a longer period of time is not the same as using a more powerful machine. This is because the ozone is constantly breaking down, and reverting back to oxygen. Smaller machines run, even for many hours longer than larger ones, cannot “catch up” with the disintegrating ozone, and therefore never achieve the required ozone levels needed for a high kill ratio. An XT-4000 running for one hour will have a higher kill ratio than an XT-2000 running for two hours.

Mold odors and live mold spores require the maximum amount of ozone, blasted into an unoccupied room, to kill and control mold.  We recommend that you remove all visible mold with a solution of bleach and water. Use a series of High Ozone Shock Treatments before, during, and after mold removal for your own safety and for the most effective treatment to kill live mold spores and help prevent the mold from returning. A room completely cleaned of mold may develop mold again since mold likes to grow where it once lived before. That’s why it’simportant to own an ozone generator to be able to perform periodic high ozone treatments to continue to battle the mold problem. Operate the unit at its highest capacity for as long as it takes to eliminate the odor problem. Treatments of 30-120 minutes are recommended to initially treat odors. Odors absorbed in furniture, walls, and bedding may take longer to treat since these are porous materials that tend to hold in the odors.

Severe cases may require a 24 + hour treatment. Milder cases may need a smaller unit or use of a lower output setting. This procedure can be used for treating rooms with foul odors, smoke damaged furniture or clothing, auto restorations, garbage rooms, basements, hotel rooms or anywhere a severe odor problem exists.


NOTE: While performing a high ozone shock treatment, make sure that all people, pets, plants and other animals are removed from the area to be treated. Also make sure that the ozone does not leak into connected or occupied rooms by way of furnace vents or wall cracks, etc.