Is Ozone Safe?

Yes. Ozone is safe when used properly.  There is no reason to fear ozone. Low levels of ozone are all around us, and are safe to breathe.

Ozone can also be safely used for air purification in occupied rooms.

It is true that you do not want an overly high ozone exposure in an occupied room. We advise using as little ozone as possible for air purifying. Ozone is all around us. Ozone concentrations of 0.05 ppm are within most recommended safe exposure levels for air purification. It is important to remember that when using ozone for air purification, control over the ozone level is the most important feature.

We’ve designed our machines to have the most control over the ozone output as compared to any other ozone machine made.

The “burst timer” built right into our smaller machines is designed to limit the amount of ozone to very low levels for use as an air purification device. Our smaller machines, the XT-120, XT-240, XT-400 & XT-800 can regulate the generator to only produce ozone for as little as 2 seconds out of a minute. This allows only very low levels of ozone to be present in a room. Please contact us if you have any questions about the safety, and effectiveness of ozone.

We will gladly answer any of your questions.