Is Ozone Safe?

We offer different types of ozone sensors, and cards to further monitor the ozone level if needed. Air-Zone ozone generators do not produce any measurable amount of nitrogen oxide by-products. This is because of our patented xetin ozone element found in every one of our machines.

The plain and simple truth is there are no more effective air cleaning units than ozone generators. Period! It is a proven fact that ozone kills mold.

The U.S. environmental protection agency, in conjunction with the safe drinking water act of 1991, confirmed that ozone was effective in ridding water of hazardous pathogens, including chlorine resistant cryptosporidium.”  Agricultural outlook, june/july, 1998.

 How do I set the ozone level and where do I place the unit?

Set ozone to a setting where you can barely detect ozone after an hour of operation.

Air circulation is an important factor in how effective ozone works.  An oscillating fan can be placed next to the generator for proper circulation. The unit should be mounted high in the room, 6 to 8 feet off the floor pointing away from sensitive areas. It is not necessary that you even smell the sweet smell of ozone for it to be effective.