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Air-Zone customers are very enthusiastic about our products.
Many have written testimonials. Here is a sampling.

Fresh Air in Your Home or Business!

Perfect for a bedroom or office
Great for a living room or other large room
Purify the air in an entire house.
Very high ozone outputs for restorations and mold problems
The XT-14000 is a heavy duty machine with awesome ozone power
I wanted to write to let you know how impressed I am by your products.
I purchased an XT-6000 and an XT-800, and both are superior to other products I had purchased in the past. 

Your instructions are clear, the quality of the materials used and the workmanship put into the units shows fine craftsmanship.

I have already placed an order for two more XT-800's for use in other places I work.  Thank you for providing such high quality machines at such reasonable prices.  Sincerely,  Ken James

Help remove mold with high powered ozone!

Perfect for a living room, bedroom, or office.

My wife and I always seemed to have trouble breathing while we slept. We tried all kinds of other so-called air cleaners and none performed for us as well as the ozone generators we bought from Air-Zone. We take it everywhere we travel and "shock" hotel rooms that sometimes seem funky. I don't know how we ever lived without it!

Edward Robinson

My allergies used to drive me insane. Odors, mold, and dust played havoc on my system. Within 15 minutes of plugging in my ozone generator I knew I would always be able to breathe better inside my home. Thank you Air-Zone for making such a great product!

                                     Mindy - Bangor ME

Perfect for a bedroom or office

Our kids always had colds. My husband and I always awoke congested, he snored all night long. Ever since we started using ozone things began improving.
I notice we get sick less often, we breathe better at night and thank God my hubby doesn't snore half as much as he used to. I really didn't believe ozone would work, but apparently it has. Thanks

Ellen Whitman

I used an ionizer for years. It worked if I was close to it. I always wondered why they don't make bigger ones that would clean a whole room. The XT-120 cleans the air in any room I put it in in minutes. It is the air cleaner I have always wanted. I sure wish I could have gotten one years ago. It out performs my biggest ionizer many times over. The air quality it produces is much better also. It's worth every penny they charge for it. Excellent product.

                                 Stuart Wilder

Perfect for a bedroom or office

I recently received the XT-120 and it is a great product.  I originally considered another "ion air cleaner" and glad I got your ozone generator instead.  It works great. 
I've had 3 ion cleaners in the past and they are like dirt magnets to all the walls and furniture nearby.  While searching for more info on ion cleaners I came across your website and started looking into ozone instead.  There is no doubt in my mind you offer THE BEST VALUE in ozone generators for cleaning air. 
My wife cannot believe how great the XT-120 works at removing cigarette smoke and odors. 
I will be bringing it to my relatives (some who smoke) to prove to them how quickly the smoke and other odors disappear.  I also added a small, inexpensive oscillating fan to move the ozone across two rooms.  Feel free to add my testimonial if you wish.

Thanks and God Bless,
Anthony DiCicco

Perfect for a bedroom or office

I bought an ozone generator for my home and it really made the house smell fresh and clean. I work in used car sales, and the guys in the office smoke and it makes me feel ill. I brought the Air-Zone to work and it really helped me breathe better in the office. I ended up having to buy another one for the home! My wife wanted it back!

I also tried it out on an old car that had moldy smells from water damage. I put it in the car and ran it on high with the windows shut over night. Everyone said it wouldn't work. The next morning I was amazed to find the car smelled totally different; fresh and clean! It's my secret weapon for selling cars!
I have freshened my own cars, my basement and almost every room in my home by using shock treatments. The ozone generator is a powerful tool and an excellent buy. They have been 100% totally reliable. I can't remember when I have been this amazed and satisfied with a product. Why aren't these available everywhere?
I don't know why they don't charge double for them like everyone else does!

Paul Woljoski

The odor from the cat box with our 3 cats using it multiple times a day got pretty offensive pretty quick. We change the litter often, hiding it in the laundry room but the smell was always noticeable. We tried air freshener that didn't work and only made us feel ill.
We put the ozone generator in there on a time to turn it on low for an hour 4 times a day. We found we didn't really need to run it continuously.
To make a long story short we are very pleased with how the ozone generator worked out. I like it because I am a clean freak and it's so small and portable I can use it anywhere in the house. I use it all the time to disinfect rooms and get odors out without chemicals. All I can say is this was a great find. Bravo!

Diana Moore

I have had a serious mold problem in my basement from past floods. We cleaned the concrete walls with bleach, but the smell would come back. The smell would rise into the living room and rest of the house through the ventilation system. 
We had a professional tester come in for $400. He told us our mold levels were through the roof. He suggested an ozone generator and we rented one from him for $75 a day. It really worked well and got rid of the moldy smell.
The "mold guy" also offered to sell us that ozone generator ... for $1900 bucks!
Help remove mold with high powered ozone!
A few weeks later the smell started to creep back into the basement. We decided to buy our own ozone generator rather than keep renting one. We searched all over and found some generators for very high prices.
I stumbled onto Air-Zone on the web and decided to give their unit a try. The one we bought worked much better than the one we had previously rented. It turns out the XT-6000 unit we bought has almost 
TEN TIMES the ozone output of the one we were renting!  Imagine that, ten times the ozone for 1/3 the price!
Now I now do a shock treatment every month and also keep the generator on continuously at a very low level to maintain freshness, and retard mold growth. It is a very reliable unit.
The people at Air-Zone were very helpful to us.  Great product - does everything it claims to. 

David Long

A couple of years ago I went to a local demonstration of air purifiers at a friends house. Initially I liked the unit and went home with one almost $700 poorer. The unit worked OK but I did notice although the air was fresher, that I seemed to get a dry throat from the unit. 9 months later the unit stared putting out less and less pure air. Eventually it stopped producing fresh air altogether. I contacted the person I bought it from and was told he was no longer in the business, that he now sold vitamins instead!
I called the company that made the unit and they told me since this man was not an "authorized dealer" they could not help me. They had not made that model in years and that there were no parts available.
I had a friend look at the unit and he told me the transformer was burned out and that the unit already had a good amount of corrosion in it. I looked for parts with no luck and that damn thing is still in my basement unfixed.

While visiting my cousins house I noticed a cool looking box that had fresh air coming out of it. It seemed much better than the older unit I bought. He told me to call Air-Zone and try out a unit. I was a bit hesitant, but I really like clean air, so I bought an ozone generator from them at less than half the price of the first unit. 
I have to say, this XT-400 unit is much more powerful than the other one I bought. The quality of clean air that comes out of it is much better than the other unit I had used. I only need to run this unit on it's lowest setting to freshen the air. That fact amazes me!

One feature I particularly like about it is it's ability to do the "shock treatments". During the day when I am at work I give my bedroom a mild "shock treatment". Many times I don't even have to turn the unit on night as the room will stay fresh for days after a shock treatment.

I have used my Air-Zone unit for six months now with no complaints. The company is very helpful, and very nice to deal with. If the unit ever breaks they say they will fix it, and since I can call the company directly, I believe them.

I also bought the remote control unit they sell. It is convenient and works great. The remote controller is very neat. I bought additional control modules from them, and control my lights and air conditioner right from my bed. 

Stay away from those air purifier demonstrations and buy a better unit for less than half the price!

Edward Anderson

I used to have a very musty smell in my attic. When I put clothes and furniture up there they always got that smell into them. I searched for years and tried every possible solution. 
I bought an ozone generator from this company and it works very well. Every now and then I do a high powered treatment up there and it gets rid of all the odors. I also bought a timer from them that turns the unit on, and then off, once an hour. (great timer!). 
As an added benefit I noticed that we never get the squirrels, mice, or birds that used to always find their way into our attic. This thing works so well I bought another for my home use. Nothing I have ever tried makes a room smell as fresh as this. Great price, excellent quality, need I say more?!

Mary Collins

I'd like to Iet you know that was a bit  skeptic about using your product because I had already after sprayed 4 cans of Lysol spray, then I sprayed Tilex mold and mildew cleaner in car with no results.
Then I shampooed the rugs, I even took out all carpet in car and I could not rid the mold odor.
BUT your machine really works!  It got rid of the mold. I know cause I was getting headaches driving car with smell of mold, and now no more headaches. 
Thanks again sir.  I found you thru Google doing a search for car mold killers. 
Help remove mold with high powered ozone!

R Cobb Jr.

I'm writing to thank you for the wonderful product you sell. I'd bought the unit because of my continuing problems with cat odor, but I have to tell you that my little (tiny!) XT-800 ozone machine has kept my home quite comfortable while I clean up the mess from having a wall of fishy water slam through my living room and out the kitchen hallway. 
It's been a mess, believe me!, but the odor you'd have expected from squishy carpets and sopping book cases has been killed by that trusty little box buzzing merrily along hour after hour beside the window fan. 

Two of my friends have ozone generators and I'd had some experience with them in the past which is why I bought an Air-Zone for my own use. I have to say, your product is smaller, more ruggedly built, at least half the price of the nearest comparable competition, and... and... well, it saved my bacon! 
You could charge much, much more for this product.  Thank you!

We use ozone generators in our commercial housekeeping business. We could not exist with out using ozone generators. Our customers love the way their houses smell after we treat them with ozone. We have not found a more powerful unit anywhere else for this kind of money. Air-Zone sells a quality product for less money. It has to be the best ozone generator value anywhere. The unit pays for itself!

Clean House Services

I own a beauty salon where many people unfortunately smoke. It bothered many of the customers and some of the permanent treatment chemicals made some of our older customers feel ill and complain.
We skeptically bought an Air-Zone unit, but have been pleasantly surprised how effective it is at clearing the air. Complaints about the air quality are almost nonexistent now. It seems to eat up the bad air as soon as it it formed and keep the air much fresher.
Thanks for directly affecting our business in a positive way.

Carol Dolan, Roma Salon

Maintaining fresh hotel rooms is a must for us. Our reputation is at stake with a rooms cleanliness. After buying a XT-6000 ozone generator from Air-Zone last year, we find we can treat a room in just 15-30 minutes! The freshness is amazing after a shock treatment. I don't know how we ever got along without one.
We noticed a few years ago many people who are "chemically sensitive" were bothered by the fumes left in the room after the cleaning products used by our maids. We now do a 15 minute shock treatment on every room, almost every day to maintain freshness.
Help remove mold with high powered ozone!
 The complaints about residual cleaning odors have stopped, and comments on how fresh our rooms are much more common. We have used the ozone generator we bought almost a year ago from Air-Zone every day with no problems. We plan on purchasing more of them soon. We can highly recommend this product.

Cape Colony Seaside Resort

We have used the ozone generator we bought from Air-Zone for about a year with great success. Our company cleans violent crime scenes. You cannot imagine the odors that we run into. 
We have used various ozone generators over the years, and can say without reservation the Air-Zone unit is the best we have ever used. It is also the lowest priced one we have ever bought.
Thanks so much for this great product. We have five, and will buy more. Do we get a discount?!!


Our car dealership re-sells about 20 used cars a week. We have used the Airzone ozone generator on most of the resale's. It is great for removing foul odors and making the cars re-sellable again. It is very hard to sell an older car with smells. Ozone works much better than chemical deodorizers.
The $550 bucks we spent on the unit has paid for itself many times over. Thanks.

Defeo Toyota 

We use ozone generators in our fire/flood restoration business. To make this short and sweet, Air-Zone sells the best, most durable, lowest priced machines on the market. We know, we have many more expensive, less effective units that breakdown all the time. Don't buy any other brand.
We highly recommend them.

Cleanup Restorations

You are not going to get a better ozone generator for even double the price. We know, we have over 50 of them. They are the best, and the cheapest. You won't go wrong with a product from this company.

Restorations Plus


Dear Sirs,  I felt I needed to write to thank you for producing a truly remarkable product.  My wife and I purchased a home from a woman who had smoked in it for 28 years.  We tried to eliminate the cigarette odor by various means - thoroughly cleaning every surface, replastering and repainting, recarpeting, eliminating drapery, but nothing worked...
until we purchased and used your XT-800.  We noticed a difference the first time we used it. 
What a breath of fresh air...literally.

The offensive odors in our home are nearly all gone and we anticipate that a few more shock treatments in various rooms will eliminate them entirely.
We even shock treated our patio, another area the former owner smoked,
and it freshened the surfaces and cleared the air there.

Your product is well designed, easy to understand and use, and, most importantly, does what it is advertised to do.  I have recommend your products to others who have similar problems.  I hope they take advantage of what you have to offer.   Thanks


I just wanted to let you know that I received my XT-400 unit yesterday (just as promised) and that I am VERY pleased with it.  We purchased it for use in my youngest son's room to try and help him with his allergies. 
Well, being the experimenting type, I have been playing around with the XT-400 throughout my home. I am amazed. It completely removes any and all traces of
smell / odor from everything I have tried it on (dogs, diapers, cooking, smoke, etc....). I work in an electronic repair facility in Virginia Beach and sometimes the chemical smells inside can be quite obnoxious. I'm going to take my generator in on Monday and show it to my boss. I'm sure he will be as impressed as I am. Thank you for all of your help and good luck with your upcoming move.

The unit I ordered arrived last Wed. I AM impressed!
After 10 years of fighting mold/mildew odor in the house, the machine removed it in about 24 hours.
I shocked the basement until I could smell ozone, at which time the odor quickly disappeared. 
I then shocked each room in the house to knock out the odor that had accumulated.
Help remove mold with high powered ozone!
Within 30 hours we detected THAT smell again ( barely ) but, thanks to the fact that the rest of the house no longer smelled, I was able to trace the source of my problem to a hidden structural defect in the house that caused the odor to seep into the basement from our garage slab ( meets the basement wall, or was supposed to..however it had been improperly poured during construction, leaving a space 3' by 20' of dirt between the slab and the outside of the basement wall...the dirt wicked moisture from the garage slab which then had no place to go, hence the odor ). I turned the unit on for 45 min and the smell was, once again, gone.
Presently taking measures to prevent further infiltration of this bad air.

PS: We have already had 3 requests to do other houses. 

I'm very pleased with the performance of the product.  I'm the office manager of a professional fire restoration company and we've been using an industrial ozone machine for years on fire-damaged homes and contents, with excellent results.  This little home machine is much more powerful than I expected!  I didn't expect such big results from such a little machine.

I intend to save up and buy another one for the other part of my house. 
Let me know if the smaller ones ever go on sale.


Thank You for your professionalism, and thanks for such a great product.  I installed the Air-Duct 2000 last week and I am very, very impressed by this product.   It has taken care of the mold odor that existed in my ducts for years with just a few "shocks" and it now provides a nice low level of ozone all through my home.   I have used 2 other ducting air purifiers at the same time and neither of them worked as well as yours. 
It was easy to instal thanks to your help, and setting it was pretty easy too.

I called your company 4 separate times before I bought this thing with no less than 50 questions.  I was very impressed that your staff acted courteously, and bumped me up to a senior tech as my questions got more complicated.   I never felt any pressure to buy which allowed me to really research this and other the products without problem.  Even after I bought the unit you talked me through the installation which also impressed me.

You have a great company and an even better product! The Air-Duct purifier is a really nicely built machine, very solid and not like the cheap plastic ones I've used before.
 I'm so glad I got this.  It does a great job-worth every penny. 
Thank you and thank you again.

Air-Duct 2000
Purify the air in an entire house.

I just wanted to thank you for the speedy delivery, and say that I am very impressed with the ozone machine that I bought from you. I was skeptical at first but wow! It's so powerful, I have a 700 sq/ft condo and I have it on the lowest setting and it's definitely enough, the air seems so fresh!

I just wanted to write and thank you for your great customer service, and an even better ozone machine.

This unit puts out a heck of a lot of ozone!

I recently purchased the XT-28000 for my mold remediation/odor control business.  Not only has this machine done the job better than any ozone machine I have tried in the past, it also does it faster.

Because of that, this machine has also made me more money than ever before because I get jobs done faster. 
At it's price it is a true bargain compared to what every other companies offer.
I can tell a lot of thought went into designing this model.

After about a month of use I took the cover off to see if there was any wear, or dirt inside.  There was very, very little. 

I like the easy way the elements disassemble if cleaning is needed. The way they are assembled, rock solid compared to those "screen type" plates, is a great idea.
I can tell they are well built and should last me a long time.

The entire unit is built very well, and I can predict it will last for years. 
I am going to be purchasing another one of these very soon. 
Once again thanks so much for making such a great product, and pricing it so low for it's incredible power.


I am in the odor disinfection - mold-smoke- general funk destruction business. I got a 28000 from you about 3 months ago.
You guys rock!
 I guess I'm so used to being screwed by other ozone companies that I was used to my ozone boxes always having problems.
I used A#### for years, what a box of junk they were!

Then I bought a high powered machine from Canada. It was about half the price of yours, less than half the ozone, and ten times the trouble!
That machine had 10 of those ozone screens in it.
What a pain in the A$$ to clean and put together those suckers back in the right way! 
They got dirty fast, and the ozone dropped dramatically after just 2 months use. I guess I did not put them back in perfectly right and the transformer blew out. Then I had to wait to get it repaired which took about 6 weeks with the customs delays.
I took one of your ozone lights apart with the help your technician over the phone. It wasn't dirty but I wanted to check it anyway and see how hard it was to get back together.

I got it apart, and back together in about 20 seconds! No play, no alignment problems, no guessing, just a perfect fit. Nice design!
I could not ask for more. It took me well over an hour to set up the ozone screens on the other machine I bought.
Believe it or not that machine blew out again! I think when I moved it around the screens come loose. What a cruddy design.

All I really wanted to say was thanks for the best ozone generator I have ever used.


There is a Chevy commercial and a Bob Seger song that describes the XT-14000 ozone generator I bought from you, Built Like A Rock!   This is a really nice unit! 
It makes a heck of a lot of ozone and is built very well.  I have been doing professional mold and smoke / odor treatments for about 10 years and I have tried at least 5 other brands of ozonanators.  Yours is defiantly the best I've ever used.  I know exactly the pitfalls of those old type of ozone plates and I can already see this is a much better design than the old type.
Please keep these in stock because I want another one soon.
My Review: Great product, great value for the price, solidly built, better technology than the rest ; 5 out of 5 stars. 
The XT-14000 is a heavy duty machine with awesome ozone power

I would like to convey to you my sincere thanks and appreciation for selling such a remarkable product!  Certainly, you must know all the positive points of the unit, but as a consumer, it was very difficult for me to spend over $300 on something that I had never seen, much less heard about.  I came upon your web site quite by accident and because of the wealth of information that you provided, felt that your product was not only lower in price, but superior for use against my allergies.  I use my ozoner at home but occasionally take it to the office where I amaze my co-workers.  Thank you again. I look forward to purchasing additional items from you in the future.

Thanks for offering us such a great ozone generator.  I had previously bought a 5000 milligram machine from a company in Iowa.  It turns out they were just a dealer for a Canadian company which I was not told beforehand.  When I got the thing it was making sparking flashes and noises out of the front of the unit.   When I called the company they told me I had to take it apart and adjust the ozone plates.  What a hassle that was.  Even after I did it just didn't seem like the machine was putting out the type of ozone I was expecting.  What you say on your web page about mica ozone plates is EXACTLY correct. 
The next day the unit wasn't working at all and there was a large burn mark on one of the ozone plates.  No matter what I did the unit would not work.  So I sent the klunker back.
Then I ordered your 6000 ozone machine.  I have to say the unit worked perfectly out of the box. 
Powerful and easy to use I obliterated the mold in my upstairs studio overnight. 
The XT-6000 seemed like it was twice as powerful as your competitions 5000 mg machine.
Then again I don't know if I ever had that first machine working properly.
You make a great product, keep up the good work.
Help remove mold with high powered ozone!

If you have a testimonial please send it to us,
and maybe we will include it on this page!

We keep all cutomers information private in accordance with our privacy policy with the Better Business  Bureau. 
For that reason we are not permitted to give out the contact information of those who wrote these testimonials.
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We carry a full line of OZONE GENERATORS for any application
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Air-Zone Ozone Generator and Air Purifiers

Unit Descriptions


XT-120 Ozone Generator - Perfect for a bedroom or office
120 mg/hr.
240 mg/hr.
pure ozone

Click Here
to see more

Home Air Purifier / Ozone Generator
Cleans the air in bedrooms, living rooms and small offices. 
Fully variable ozone.  Built in air purification timer.
Destroys cigarette smoke, airborne bacteria, and mold spores.
U.S. Patented Ozone Elements, not cheap MICA ozone plates.
Maximum ozone outputs of 140 mg/hr. and 280 mg/hr.
Please Click Here for more information and pricing.

Wireless Infrared
Remote Control

XT-400, XT-800 Ozone Generator - High Power - Multi Use - Remote Control Convenience !
400 mg/hr.
800 mg/hr.
pure ozone

Click Here
to see more

Home Air Purifier / Ozone Generator with Remote Control
Two built in Timers for Air Purification and Shock Treatments.
Cleans the air in bedrooms, living rooms and offices.
Destroys cigarette smoke, airborne bacteria, and mold spores.
U.S. Patented Ozone Elements, not cheap MICA ozone plates.
Remote Control for ozone output, timers, and fan speed.
Fully variable ozone.  Built in air purification timer.
Capable of high ozone shock treatments in most rooms.
Maximum ozone outputs of 445 mg/hr. and 890 mg/hr.
Please Click Here for more information and pricing.
Whole House Ozone Generator
2000 mg/hr.
pure ozone

Click Here
to see more

Whole House In Duct  Air Purifier / Ozone Generator
Cleans the air in an entire home or business.
Distributes ozone directly through the air handling system.
Destroys cigarette smoke, airborne bacteria, and mold spores.
Built in Burst Timer for air purification in any sized home.
Gold Plated U.S. Patented Ozone Elements,
not cheap MICA ozone plates.
Variable ozone control. Fully Automatic Operation.
Capable of mild high ozone shock treatments in entire homes.
Ozone outputs from 80 mg/hr. to 2150 mg/hr.
Please Click Here for more information and pricing.
Removes smoke in large rooms - High Output Ozone Generator
7000 mg/hr.
pure ozone
Commercial Large Room Ozone Generator with Remote Control
Two built in Timers for Air Purification and Shock Treatments.
Cleans the air in large rooms such as restaurants, casinos, and bingo halls.
Destroys cigarette smoke, airborne bacteria, and mold spores.
U.S. Patented Ozone Elements, not cheap MICA ozone plates.
Remote Control for ozone output, timers, and fan speed.
Fully variable ozone.  Built in air purification timer.
Capable of high ozone shock treatments in most rooms.
Maximum ozone outputs 7000 mg/hr.
Please Click Here for more information and pricing.




KILL MOLD with our High Powered Ozone Machines!

Air-Zone Ozone Generators Kill Mold, Odors, and Bacteria

pure ozone

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to see more

Professional Grade Ozone Generators
Removes serious odors with tremendous ozone power in unoccupied rooms.
Kill surface and airborne mold and bacteria in unoccupied rooms.
 with high ozone shock treatments.
Shock treat basements, household rooms, hotel rooms, 
and vehicles infected with mold and odors.
Built in Countdown Timer for High Ozone Shock Treatments.
U.S. Patented Ozone Elements, not cheap MICA ozone plates.
These units increase the ozone power by increasing the ozone elements AND the power transformers unlike many "upgradable" ozone generators.
Click Here to learn why competitors "upgradable" ozone generators listed at 2600 mg/hr, 3400 mg/hr, & 3600 mg/hr are POORLY DESIGNED!
Completely sterilize rooms of mold, bacteria , and odors.
Please Click Here for more information and pricing.


Professional Grade - Extremely High Output Ozone Generator
Highest Possible Ozone Output!  Perfect For Professional Applications!
14000 mg/hr.
pure ozone

28000 mg/hr.
pure ozone

Click Here
to see more

Professional Grade Ozone Generators
Gold Plated U.S. Patented Ozone Elements,
not cheap MICA ozone plates.
Extra High Grade Stainless Steel Cases & Chassis.
Extremely powerful ozone outputs of 14,000 mg/hr. and 28,000 mg/hr.
Removes serious odors with tremendous ozone power in unoccupied rooms.
Kill surface and airborne mold and bacteria
 with high ozone shock treatments in unoccupied rooms.
Built in 24 hour countdown timer for
High Ozone Shock Treatments.
Shock treat basements, rooms with smoke or water damage,
and entire air handling systems.
Completely sterilizes entire homes of mold and bacteria.
Professionally removes odors in very large areas.
 These are the finest ozone generators ever made!
Please Click Here for more information and pricing.
Ozone is the worlds best water purifier!
300 mg/hr.
pure ozone
Counter Top Water Ozone Generator
U.S. Patented Ozone Elements with Zero Nitrogen Oxides.
U.S. Patented Water Pumps that wont degrade in ozone.
Rapidly purifies water in glasses, bottles, and tanks up to 5 gallons.
Also purifies food and makes ozoned water for sanitizing surfaces.
Destroys E coli and Salmonella bacteria as well as many other
types of germs in drinking water. Easy to use patented design.
Please Click Here for more information and pricing.


Purify the water in your entire home or business.
1800 mg/hr.
5600 mg/hr.
In Line Water Ozone Generators
U.S. Patented Ozone Elements with Zero Nitrogen Oxides.
U.S. Patented Water Pumps that won't degrade in ozone.
 Purifies water continuously in 1/2" or 3/4" water lines.
Whole house / business continuous ozonated water supply.
Destroys E coli and Salmonella bacteria as well as many other
types of germs in drinking water.
These are the finest water ozone generators ever made!
Please Click Here for more information and pricing.
Click Here for complete product descriptions and pricing.

Click Here to see our entire line of home & professional
Ozone Generators
XT-120,  XT-240 - Perfect for a bedroom or office!XT-400,  XT-800 - Great for a bedroom, living room or officeXT-2000,  XT-4000,  XT-6000 Professional Ozone GeneratorsPurify Air in an ENTIRE home or business!Extremely High Ozone Output!  Perfect For Professional Applications!  Zero Nitrogen Oxides!Air-Zone XT-24000

Air-Zone Ozone Generators is proudly located in the U.S.A.!!!
Air-Zone Inc.
1980 Northgate Commerce Parkway, Suite 6C
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Call to reach our staff of qualified ozone technicians.
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Cigarette Smoke Elimination with
Ozone Generators
Motel Room Odors/
Apartment Smoke Removal
Frequently Asked Questions About Ozone
Austin Air
True HEPA Filters
Ozone Bacterial and
Mold Killing Studies
Ozone Generator
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United States
Remove pet odors
with Ozone
How to get relief from your allergies using an ozone generator.
Help kill bacteria caused by Sick Building Syndrome with an ozone generator.

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