Kill Mold With Ozone

5  Use ozone

to kill mold spores floating in the air and on surfaces. This will make the clean up safer and no live mold spores will be released into the air.

Mold is a living organism that will want to come back again and again. Find the source and take care of the underlying issue to keep it from coming back.  For your own safety, treat with ozone before you start this work and continue to ozone as you uncover more of the mold.

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Patented Technology

Air-Zone, Inc. manufactures our own brand of ozone generators that feature patented ozone elements. Our elements produce ozone with no measurable nitrogen oxide by-products.

Our ozone elements and air-pumps are patented under these Patent Numbers:

  • US 7,179,432B2
  • US 5,880,916
  • US 5,502,346
  • US 5,360,323