About Us

Air-Zone, Inc. is a family owned business located in Suffolk, VA.  We have more than 16 years of experience.

In early 2011, the company purchased a new commercial space in a developing, industrial section of north Suffolk. We are excited to expand into this new space and explore new products and designs for the future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve our customer’s lives by giving them a healthier, cleaner and safer home environment by using Air-Zone, Inc. air and water ozone generators. We are committed to producing and selling machines that get the job done effectively and efficiently without producing harmful by-products. We are also committed to maintaining premium customer service and technical support.

Our engineering staff continues to work on new designs for future products while continuing to improve and upgrade our current product portfolio.


bob-websiteHow It All Started…

Back in 1999, the gentleman that started the company was living in an apartment in New Jersey and had a neighbor who smoked heavily.He was trying to find a way to keep the smoke smells from bothering him in his own apartment next door. He went on eBay and found an ozone generator for sale from a company in Canada. So he purchased it and absolutely loved the way it performed and cleaned the air. After a few months, he decided he wanted a larger unit from the same company. He needed to sell the first machine to get a little bit of money back in order to purchase the larger one. So, he put the first unit up for sale on eBay and was amazed at the high number of bids and the interest he got on that first ozone generator. After the auction was over, he contacted the Canadian company directly to discuss buying a larger machine and the possibility of selling their ozone generators in the United States. They agreed to a drop ship arrangement and Air-Zone, Inc. was born in the spring of 2000.

Since that time, Air-Zone, Inc. has partnered with a small family owned company in Taiwan to design and manufacture air and water ozone generators sold only through our company. The business also expanded into selling high quality Austin Air HEPA filters, EcoSensor ozone meters, Mold & Water Quality Test Kits, and ozone detector cards.

Air-Zone Ozone Generators
We are in the CLEAN AIR and CLEAN WATER business. All our units feature patented, gold plated elements and are warrantied for 5 years. We focus on building the highest quality, most dependable units available anywhere.