Ozone Sensor

Smell is not a reliable test for the presence or concentration of ozone.  Ozone has a sweet smell, but the odor threshold varies widely by the person and the ambient conditions.

Ozone sensors are widely used to monitor workplace ozone levels.  Sensors are also used to measure ozone given off by processes such as electric power generation and plastic film treatment.

The allowable concentration of ozone in the workplace usually ranges from .05 to .10 ppm depending on the time of exposure and the regulatory agency involved.

The following webpage is available from EcoSensors (the manufacturer of all our ozone sensors) and provides the Product Manuals in PDF format and Tech Notes in Microsoft Word, PDF, or OpenDocument Text:




A-21ZX Ozone Sensor

A-21ZXThe A-21ZX ozone sensor a hand held digital ozone sensor.  It measures ozone from 0 - 10 ppm (parts per million).  The unit runs on a rechargeable battery with a battery life of 8 hours.  Ozone levels are measured and reported More Info »
Price: $725.00

EZ-1X Ozone Sensor

EZ-1XThe EZ-1X ozone sensor is a low cost hand-held fixed ozone sensor.  It measures ozone from .02 - .14 ppm (parts per million).  The unit runs on either a battery or AC power.  Ozone levels are measured with a multicolor bar More Info »
Price: $355.00


OS-6 Ozone Sensor

OS-6The OS-6 ozone sensor is a heavy duty industrial monitor and controller in a rugged, spray resistant enclosure.  It features set point controlled relays for generator control and alarms, with easily replaceable precalibrated sensor modules.  Sensor module can be up to More Info »
Price: $875.00

OS-4 Ozone Sensor

OS-4The OS-4 ozone sensor features a thermostat to control ozone generators or other equipment with advanced monitoring and controls.  It accurately measures ozone from .03 - 20 ppm (parts per million) and features a .1 ppm safety limit light.  It includes set-point More Info »
Price: $795.00

C-30ZX Ozone Sensor

C-30ZXThe C-30ZX ozone sensor is a fixed site work area monitoring instrument.  It accurately measures ozone from .02 - .14 ppm (parts per million).  Ozone levels are displayed on a green-yellow-red bar graph (red represents the OSHA limit of .1 ppm).  More Info »
Price: $535.00


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