Cylinder Element – Pack of 6

Cylinder Element

Cylinder Element: Used in XT-14000/28000, Air-Duct 2000, Super 2330/4660/7000

Air-Zone’s US patented ozone elements should last for years.  They can be easily removed for cleaning or replaced with a simple Phillips head screwdriver.
They also don’t produce dangerous Nitrogen Oxides.

The elements have a 24 carat gold core and are protected by heavy duty transformers.

*See our “Manuals and Maintenance” page for specific instructions on how to clean and replace these special cylinder elements.

The XT-14000 has 6 elements.

The XT-28000 has 12 elements.

The Air-Duct 2000 has 1 element.

The Super 2330 has 1 element.

The Super 4660 has 2 elements.

The Super 7000 has 3 elements.

Price: $480.00
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